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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

American Sniper





" I'm willing to meet my Creator and answer for every shot that I took."

"The thing that... haunts me are all the guys that I couldn't save."

               Clint Eastwood has a reputation for relentlessness grit both in acting and as a director.  His watermark is definitely visible in this cinematic portrait of American patriotism. Hardly any score music in the action scenes which enables every shot to leave a scar in your memory. Dilemmas about certain choices Chris Kyle had to make were masterfully written and performed.  Being unfamiliar with this story I was even more reeled in not knowing what would happen next.  I thought this film had great direction.  

    This was a  different Bradley Cooper. More than his usual mercurial onscreen performances that we’ve grown use to.  His fierceness is his brand and he did not wager that for being inanimate behind that sniper rifle. The “eye in the scope” was just as intense as it was kind. Little small nuances that can’t be taught in acting school separates Bradley from most A-list actors…. Needless to say I really enjoyed his performance.

    This is definitely worth your money and especially your time. Personally, I hope to see more of these bio-pics of patriot heroism… I can’t stop thinking about Pat Tillman, hopefully he gets a turn.

    letter grade:  A

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