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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I Origins


I Origins by teasertrailer
I Origins - Window To The Soul by teasertrailer



" Pryia: The Dali Lama said if science disproved his spiritual beliefs he would have to change his thinking.

   Ian:  Good Answer.

   Pryia: What would you do if something spiritual disproved your scientific beliefs?" 

     Love, science and Spirituality, all essentially heavy in topic but fundamentally the fulcrum of this entire story… No way Director Mike Cahill can pull off a film that has all of these things and keep us interested all the way through… but he did. Just a little racy and weird at first, I was concerned if I wanted to finish it. Then the amount of science jargon spewed at me was ‘dumbed-down’ just enough for me to barely keep up. Once the true plot revealed itself, it became impossible to look away from the screen.  The process of the scientific, emotional and spiritual on-screen discoveries captured me.  Director Cahill did an extraordinary job bringing that great script to life and making it so relatable that even a blunt instrument like me can grasp the main ideas used in this outstanding piece of work.

    While watching I began to feel like the film was trying to find itself at one point.  As I look back after everything is seen it was I who lost my place. Mike Cahill’s story board was not complicated.  The way it came across the screen may have seemed like that because of the nature of the subject matter.  The only other director that automatically comes to mind that can balance the seriousness of science and the light-heartedness of a great love/action story and make it appeal to the masses is J.J Abrams and the work that he has done with the recent Star Trek reboots.  It’s a shame though, the same masses won’t be able to see Cahill’s work because my understanding is this film will only be available in limited release.  

    When discussing Spiritualism there are somethings I believe, some things I don’t.  I’m not cynical enough to point out all the points I differ about.  I rather embellish the points that made this movie a real discussion starter. I genuinely admire a film that can accomplish that.  I’ve said in this blog many times:  ANYTIME you come out the theater with more than you came in with[intellectually], that is true value.

    There is talk about a sequel, maybe an origins sequel using the scientific subject of “Emergence” as the central theme [non-life turning into life]… he may even call it EMERGENCE, who knows.  Usually I would scoff at the idea of gambling a follow up of an original that was so good that it should stand alone.  Not anymore; This past year so many successful sequels have emerged that I am now optimistic about those things, at least until I can’t be.

    I Orgins is worth watching.  Popcorn and drink are suggested.

     letter grade: B+

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