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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Edge of Tomorrow




"Hey Mate! I think there's something wrong with your suit,
 There's a dead guy in it"

  Surprisingly deeper and more plausible [in the realm of sci-fi] than I expected.  Usually when Hollywood goes through THIS much money promoting a movie the way they did for this one, they either are trying to sell something hot/trending and overall shallow or…. they know that they have something pretty special. Going to the theater and paying good money blindly for either one of these presumptions is risky.  That is why I am so glad to be a help.  This movie is worth the buck, yes even in 3D.
   I really liked it but didn’t love it; which is so much farther ahead of the curve than I thought I would have been. The tagline: “ Live, die, repeat .” made me automatically think reincarnation. With the disappointing after taste of Cloud Atlas still lingering in my mind I thought it was too soon to revisit that topic on a grand level.  EOT was different and nothing that I expected, in a good way.
    The movie puts you directly in the delima.  No explanations, no foreword [that I can remember], and character build up is done quietly and happens in sequence with the story.  Even though the movie may have been a bit long it wasn’t bad enough for me to literally look at my watch.  I was a tad disappointed with the ending but at least this film had one, even if it may be a bit controversial…. Who doesn’t like controversy?  It gives everyone something to talk about on the ride home.
   Tom Cruise was Tom Cruise [a good thing]. Emily Blunt held her own and in some cases may have outshined Tom.  The rest of the cast did a good job as well.  
    Again, worth watching.  I don’t know if I would need this one in my library but it would make a great rental night.

          letter grade:

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