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Friday, May 2, 2014





"Get him!!"

 This remake of District B13 finds itself in the “never should've been remade” barrel quick.  Horrible acting right off the bat!  Sitting in the movie theater trying to finish the movie I’m thinking maybe… “this was suppose to have been a straight-to-DVD movie”.  After I’ve had some time to research interesting facts about Brick Mansions [The Lord only knows why], I find out that the original film was a ‘jump off’ to introduce the world to Parkour: free running.  The only problem is…  we’ve already been introduced.  Nike ads years ago back in 2006, Casino Royale’s unforgettable opening sequence with co-founder Sebastian Foucan (who also starred in that Presto Nike commercial) racing through construction sites and nature’s obstacle courses.  This phenomenon is no longer trending over here in America, although I felt it deserved a little more time at the top of our demand list, we hardly see it anymore.  The few times free running is used in pictures now, it is usually fused with Martial Arts or CGI [computer-generated imagery].  Too me, that’s all this movie had going for itself, a one trick pony.
      I also felt like nothing in the movie seemed plausible. I know, I know… it’s suppose to be a “fun” movie.  Be that as it may and I don’t know how this is going to sound but ‘fun’ doesn't happen while one is irritated.  Believe me, the story line was annoying from the start along with everything else except Paul Walker and this guy:

 I've always wondered what happen to the guy from 300, come to find out he was a wrestler too!!!
  Ahem!  Back to BM… Paul Walker received an applause at the very end and rightly so.  Not only was he the best actor on screen [imagine that] but his genuine charisma will forever be missed in cinema.

Not worth watching

letter grade: D-

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