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Friday, November 1, 2013

Escape Plan




"If I don't get out, I will kill you."
Escape Plan was cute.  I don’t want to say ‘typical’ Sylvester Stallone movie because to me a typical Sly Stone movie is a tad bit better than Escape Plan… “Bullet to the Head”, for instance or “The Specialist”... both were very good, typical… Sylvester Stallone type flicks.

    Maybe it was the acting from the rest of the B level cast, including but certainly not limited to Curtis Jackson, otherwise know as 50cent.   Objectively, maybe his acting wasn't as bad as I think it is because I can’t separate the rapper from the actor but then again that should fall on the casting director and not me right? Perhaps it was the predictability besides all the MacGyver situations that Stallone's character get’s out of, you pretty much know how this is going to end.  Whatever the case, the popcorn was warm and the pop was cold (without the ice)... I enjoyed myself.

    Escape Plan is worth watching ONLY after everything else is scratched off your “must see” list… and maybe a few off the  “want to see” list.

letter grade: C-

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