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Thursday, October 27, 2011



"Bailey : 1200 miles for a kiss?
Charlie: Worth it. So worth it"


     So this was a movie that I DEFINITELY had no intentions of seeing.  Had it not been for my normally laid-back nephew coming into the den screaming wildly about how awesome the flick was, I would not of went to check it out... glad I did.

    May I firstly say, residents of Michigan, specifically Detroit, stand up.  The movie brought out some of the most overlooked treasures steadily taken for granted in the beautiful city.  
     Second... All the actors and actresses performed well- to- admirably.

    Thirdly, if you don't want to ruin the movie, don't analyze the whole Robot Boxing  concept.  Remember how we talked about just "going with it" back in the  Source Code review?   The movie did a nice job of making the sport seem legit despite glaring holes in the rationale... but truly, you know going in the theater that you are going to see robots boxing so why be a cynic?

   Even though the movie is about mechanical warriors duking it out, there is a much bigger story at play here.

    Reel Steel has enough real emotion to warm the heart and to appreciate some of the 'small' things in life.

   Definitely worth a gander, especially if you live in Detroit.  I give it a B!





 Very disappointed with the effort, the execution, and John Singleton for releasing a pile of substandard mess and lowering his legacy.  Honestly, I know why he did it and why he marketed it to the teenage crowd.  I just expect ground-breaking ideas from him even when crossing over to pop-style cinema.   

          His Illegal Tender is an excellent example of that.  Too bad he took primarily the same idea of that movie and swapped out great acting and unexpectedness for shallow talent and a predictable script.

     I tried not to take it too seriously and chalked it up as an action flick... but not only was the action few and far in between but the overall action wasn't that inspiring at all.  My friend and I sat low-browed through that entire ordeal and even a shirtless Taylor Lautner couldn't make her forget that we just sat thru a hour and a half of torture... yes torture because I'm expecting it to get better (for whatever reason... oh yeah, John singletons signature is on this one) and it NEVER does.

    Shame on whoever had the nerve to say this is suppose to rival the Bourne series.... That's crazy.

    Definitely not worth your dollar unless your a teenage girl.  This movie gets a D and that's being extremely nice John.  I forgive you, just don't let this... happen again.


Fright Night (2011)



"Hey, guy. You've been watching me. I've been watching you. Your mom. There's a kind of neglect. Gives off a kind of scent. And your girl? She is ripe. It's on you to look out for them because there are a lot of bad people out there, Charlie. "

       Story.  I was a scary cat when I was little.  Clowns, mascots, dogs, cats, puppets, the whole month of October. [I can release this to my fan base because I feel confident now that I told a friend about my previous condition :)].  We [my family] lived in Chicago, Illinois at the time of the original Fright Night release...  My older sister, being a horror movie fan, just HAD to see this flick but she couldn't because she was babysitting me.... What to do?  We sneaked into the Water Tower building theater and I saw what would be coined as my very first or one of my first horror movies [ It's between this one and  a movie called LifeForce, I can't remember, this was a loooong time ago].  Needless to say that I spent a great deal of the movie covering my face with my hands... This time it was different.

     Director Craig Gillespie did a fine job keeping the essence of the first one and making the situation of a vampire moving in next door a paralyzing situation.  He also kept the balance of horror to comedy at the "just-right" ratio to get a few laughs out of us while knowingly tensing up for the next surprise.

Collin Farrell makes a great vampire!

Anton Yelchin is a pretty good actor.  Seeing him outside his Star Trek uniform was a bit awkward at first.  Gradually we see Pavel Chekov dissolves into "Charlie" as the movie gets underway.

    Great way to reintroduce a cult classic to another generation. B+!   This movie is definitely worth watching.


Our Idiot Brother



"This is like free therapy. New York State cares."

Paul Rudd is memorable in a disposable comedy that tickles and pricks in that order.  Think: 'The Dude' [The Big Lebowski(1989)] meets The Royal Tenenbaums. 

Not really much to report.
     Lukewarm comedy.

 Paul Rudd had some help around him.

    I somehow deem this movie as worth watching... C letter grade.  I dunno, I guess I feel like I didn't waste my money; HOWEVER, it definitely could of been spent better elsewhere.<--- We can say that about most purchases sooooooooo, the worth...