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Thursday, July 14, 2011


"So you do... know... the movie."



     Another pleasant surprise from one of the most historical years at the movies...  Honestly, I had no idea that HORRIBLE BOSSES would of been this funny.  I went in the theater not knowing what I was going to see, in fact, which ever movie started first would be the winner once I got there.  It was between this one and The Zookeeper and this HB won by 20 minutes....  Might of been the greatest and best decision made by me in quite some time.

     The trailer did a good job of explaining all three situations so the movie didn't have to do much in that area.  What was surprising is that the content in the trailer was still funny in the movie.

        Every character had energy/pop.  The situation(s) were funny by itself but all three leads plus Jamie Foxx made this an exceptional comedy.  By the way, Jamie Foxx's named surpassed Charlie Murphy's name in The Lottery Ticket as the the all time funniest names for a male in a movie.

      Never saw Jennifer Aniston this way.  How can anyone look at Colin Farrel with a gut, bald head, and a comb-over and not laugh?  

Jason Bateman needs to put a copyright on that stare of his, and lastly Charlie Day is a new comer for me.  I heard that he has a show and it's pretty funny so now I have to check it out, the guy was hilarious!

     If I wanted to be a prick and try to find something wrong... I'd say:  I wish the script would of went just a little further in the harassment dept of all the bosses to mentally justify the want/need to actually take out a boss.  But sense I'm not,  HORRIBLE BOSSES gets an A- !


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