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Friday, July 8, 2011

Cars 2




Very, very, very impressed!!!  Great writing, great story, beautiful way to be bold and totally abandon the ingredients that got you a winner and venture off into a totally new format.  I want, so bad, to be able to say: "This is how a sequel is suppose to be done."... but it's not and that's what s so awesome about it.

     First of all gander, if you would, at this talent!  

Larry the Cable Guy... Mater (voice)
Owen Wilson... Lightning McQueen (voice)
Michael Caine... Finn McMissile (voice)
Emily Mortimer... Holley Shiftwell (voice)
Eddie Izzard... Sir Miles Axlerod (voice)
John Turturro... Francesco Bernoulli

Secondly, let me thwart all these ridiculous accusations that it was too violent... it really wasn't!  

     If I may, I really think the 'industry' may be flooding the yahoo "user" critics section.  Purposely flooding the reviews and asking their cronies to mark their review 'helpful', so that it may be at the forefront for you and I to see... I'm convinced!

     The only complaint I'm willing to entertain is that some, may have felt that the story focused on Mater too much and not the star, lightning McQueen.  I respect that observation. I loved it, though because now you have two stars! Everything Mater got into was because of the decisions that Lightning McQueen made.  Mater fit the leading role, when he had to, beautifully.

   I loved the many assortments of vehicles AND thier individuall characters. 

I loved all the innuendos and grown-up metaphors.  I marveled at the graphics even though I didn't see it in Disney 3D.  Looking at it in 2D looked like I'm watching a mechanical puppet show through a window.  I could only fantasize how the 3D version looked.

      Folks, this sequel is well worth your buck.  I may even venture to say that it surpassed the first... only my opinion. grade: A



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