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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Green Lantern

"The one thing a Green Lantern is supposed to be is fearless. That isn't me."


"There's no such thing as magic..."

           Just a reminder... I will be evaluating the movie as it pertains to: "is it worth your money?"  Not the super hero or the origins of the super hero or if the movie is accurate because truthfully... I'm not an experienced reader of the Green Lantern comics.  My guest writer is and hopefully he can weigh in on this.

          From ALL the trailers that I've viewed before the movie released, I was concerned that all the CGI in the movie would be cheap, overbearing, and relied upon to propel the movie... I was wrong.  All the computer effects and digital imagery were well done, George Lucas level type stuff... impressive.

            There were a lot of very interesting points in the story.  Namely, an incredible lesson about all of the most powerful "energies" in the universe and their strengths and weaknesses.  Hal Jordan's family's history and a fantastic revelation about the purpose of the green energy.

                Ryan Reynolds was a great cast, so I'm told. He embodied the character of Hal Jordan perfectly. Unfortunately, most of my gripes came from the acting or maybe just the acting scheme. There are times where he is propelled intergalactically thru outer realms to another planet [with his eyes-open] and when he gets there he's cracking jokes and... just way too calm for what just happened in my opinion.  There's a scene with his nephew that I thought should have been felt a little more by me.  Lastly, the arch of his character (Hal) wasn't as convincing as I would of liked it to be [emotionally].

          The rest of the questions I had were answered by those that read the comic. Origin or foundation type movies all have an incredible responsibility .  They have to inform as well as entertain us.  The only kinds of  introductory movies that may have an easier time doing both are prequels... X-Men: First Class is a great example of that.  Prequels are able to cheat because the Who, What, When and Why are usually out of the way. With all that being said the director [Martin Campbell] of the Green Lantern had a heck of a time informing  and catching us all up to date within a reasonable time.  The Green Lantern is a very complex character/world. 

             I think the movie did a good job of combining everything we needed to see in under  a hour and a half.

I feel like the movie was definitely worth the money and it earns a B- from me.


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