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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Lincoln Lawyer


The Lincoln Lawyer was one of those case films where the main plot is a pending case that usually is defined by the trailer and solved at the end of the movie.  So as a viewer all your waiting for is the scenarios surrounding the case to reveal itself in the story.  The movie did a good job of hiding the main culprit while sending us on the conventional ride of misdirection.
The movie starts with McConaughey's character doing the bulk of his work in the back of a  80's  Lincoln Town car.  I thought that was the reasoning behind the title at first.  Then his morals/ethics are questioned even by himself near the last apex of the story. Him... The guy that thought he represented each case with truth and honesty, spawning the Lincoln title. Ultimately, you will come up with your own conclusions. That's unimportant though...
Never watched Law & Order but the presumption is its a darn good show.  People tune in and stay hooked to that television program probably for good reason.  If they decided to make a movie out of it The Lincoln Lawyer, to me, seems what it would look like.
This movie was good & worth watching but you can definitely wait for video. By the way, I really loved the soundtrack in this one too!!! 
It gets a B from me.


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