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Monday, February 28, 2011



'Artsy Fartsy' is too strong of a cliche' and isn't really that accurate when describing this picture, but let me tell ya... this film was all over the place. I thought they showed too much and spent way too much time on things that were not pertinent to the story.  It was almost as if the director was trying to put an exclamation point on too many ambient moments. Were there no editing done? I guess this is what happens when you consider ALL of your material too important to cut.  
The movie definitely had moments that cut deep but then purposely ends with a climate of confusion. For most of the film I was uncertain on who I should be rooting for.  I guess every hero has dark secrets but where is the line?  I am now uncertain if I have one.
Great acting wasn't enough t to save this underachiever.  I give it a C.

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