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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Legend of The Guardians : The Owls of Ga Hoole


The Pitch
Fables of legendary guardians that will vanquish evil fills fill the heads of impressionable young birds.  While some Owls believe the tales to be purely myth one young owl, in particular, allows his faith to somehow lead him to these protectors of good.

The View
 Firstly, the animation in this movie is paramount.  You will find no better use of computer animated graphics period[.]  I wish I would have saw this movie in 3D because one can only shutter to think of how more visually mesmerizing this movie could be!  Not to be a stickler but the movie seemed to be in love with itself at times with the multiple slow-motion spots. After first couple of times it started to seem coerced.
  I think kids would be intrigued but bored shortly thereafter... well, I guess depending on the kid.  I would think if your children stayed interested in the Lord of The Rings where there were some spots that ran long, those same kids should be able to appreciate this.   There weren't too many dry spots, it just seemed a bit longer than it actually was.  The story-line time didn't take long at all.  Of course you already know the movie is about a plight to see if the Guardian legend is true and instead of a journey lasting a year,  they hit their answer within a day or two. I can appreciate that.
 By the end of the movie I had long forgotten ANY of the Birds names [except for 'MetalBeak'] and the charm wore off as I walked out the dark theater into the brightly lit hallway.
Ill give this one a B- and it is Worth Watching only if your in the mood for a kid's flick. 
The Worth
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