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Thursday, August 26, 2010

'Piranha 3D' Trailer HD


The Pitch
Apparently, a rift in the earth allows a body of water underneath a lake to become open.  What's down there is something truly horrific.  Can the Sheriff and all the Sheriff's men help get thousands of kids on Spring Break out of the water and back home safely away from the danger?

The View
Conroy-  Remember when the "Horror" genre use to mostly be a thriller with added gore?  What they've done now is turned everything into a slasher style of film, who can gross you out the most...  What happened to the thrill!!??
If you like breasts and gore... you'd probably still  be disappointed with this flick.  For those of us with a little more depth... is 'loathe' too strong of a word?  The irony is the movie is about as shallow as the bimbos being bitten.  Even the main characters were a disappointment to me, too many hardheadedness and disobedient kids for me to feel ANY sympathy for ANY of them. The only thing about the movie that made me smile was a sliver of a role played by Christopher Lloyd.  Man it was good seeing him again with his usual bugged-out eyes and mad-scientist like gestures.  I was just itching for him to give us one good "GREAT SCOTT!!!"   Jerry O'Connell was a good imitation of Joe Francis [founder of 'Girls Gone Wild].  What I didn't like was the special-effects, it looked like something out of the last Final Destination 3D catastrophe. I hated most of the acting.  No one was believably scared or in pain except the love interest of the main character.  Just a bunch of screaming and shallow (there goes that word again) humor filled my eyes and ears for that whole time I was in the auditorium.
Another thing... The way some of the people die in this movie is just ignorant but the way one of the characters die is beyond moronic.
Lastly, I saw a lot of kids in the theater... what are they doing there? I dunno what the rating is but it's as close to NC-17 as anything could get. Alright, I'm done wasting pixel space on this blog to further discuss this waste of a great movie idea turned lame.
This movie was not Worth it and get's a D- from me.  You should do yourself a favor and wait for the rental in standard not 3D.

The Worth 

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